Say “Hello” and Introduce Yourself

Have you ever attended a conference, sat down at a round table for the luncheon and no one introduces themselves? Why does this happen? Are we living in a world that we are so self-absorbed that we just ignore the people around us? Are we too busy living our life through our smartphones that we have forgotten about human interaction? Be a leader, TODAY! Say, “Hello. I am Becky. What is your name?” Tip-just state your first name. What usually happens is the individual you are introducing yourself to will introduce herself/himself in return. Then, start a conversation. Remember your professional networking skills. You never know who you might be sitting at the table with – they could be ready to offer you your next big career opportunity.

BSCorbett Consulting

BSCorbett Consulting focuses our services and products around: Business. Solutions. Connections. Our strength is connecting the puzzle pieces, and we strongly believe it is all about relationships. We commit to treating every client as if s/he is the most important person in the world and to delivering quality service with integrity, a positive attitude and in an open, direct, and honest manner.