A Campaign to Stop the Umms…

Have you ever been to a fundraiser, an interview, or training and there is supposed to be this dynamic person, and you are all excited to hear her/his presentation? And, then, here it comes…all the “Umms.” You are so distracted by the “Umms,” “You Knows,” and “Yeahs,” that you couldn’t even focus on the content. This is a campaign to STOP the Umms…TODAY. I challenge you to be a leader and complete a self assessment. The next time you are in front of a group of people, whether it is a staff meeting, your family, or formal speaking engagement, ask a friend to count the number of times you say “Umm.” In our Speak Up! curriculum we teach participants, Silence is Better Than an Umm. Why? Your message will be heard.

BSCorbett Consulting

BSCorbett Consulting focuses our services and products around: Business. Solutions. Connections. Our strength is connecting the puzzle pieces, and we strongly believe it is all about relationships. We commit to treating every client as if s/he is the most important person in the world and to delivering quality service with integrity, a positive attitude and in an open, direct, and honest manner.