Social Work Career Preparation: MSW Orientation

Social Work Career Preparation: MSW Orientation

The University of Alabama, School of Social Work

Bryant Conference Center, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

May 19, 2017. 3:30pm-5:00pm

Becky Schwartz Corbett, MSW, ACSW, leadership consultant and adjunct faculty, will be facilitating a session during Orientation at The University of Alabama, School of Social Work on Friday, May 19, from 330-5pm. The theme is Social Work Career Preparation.

Students attending will be welcomed to the profession; understand why attitude is key to their career success; reflect on time management and prioritization and begin an action plan to move their career forward; learn what it takes to be a professional social worker, including seeking licensure; and commit to an intentional personal growth philosophy and journey throughout their MSW studies and social work career.

Ms. Corbett’s definition of a Coachable Momenttaking advantage of a moment in time to give an individual immediate and specific feedback, will be highlighted as a framework for students to focus on their job preparation and career success.

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